9-12-2010–Next weekend, September 18 and 19, is the 24th Annual Downeast Woodcarving Show in August, Maine.
I am excited to be Featured Carver at this year’s show and have been busy rounding up carvings to display.
For more information about the show, you can check it HERE
Hope to see lots of you there!

7-21-2010–I decided to do a simplified, one-page diagram on facial proportions and just uploaded it to my web page. Here’s the link: Facial Proportions Simplified.
It’s in PDF format and you are welcome to download it, use it, share it as you see fit. If you go to my “classes” page, you’ll find a 2-page tutorial on carving faces, also in PDF format and free for the taking.

4-19-2010 I found out today that the wood spirit that I donated to MPBN for the auction has been selected for the Juried Art Show. Once the TV/Online Auction is over, the Art Show will be moved to Pineland Farm in New Gloucester for a show starting June 3. On June 12 there will be a reception and items in the show will be sold at live auction. Sounds like fun. I just might have to go πŸ™‚

The second carving, also a Bark Wood Spirit, has been listed on ebay. The earthquake in Haiti last month has been so much on my mind, that I had to do something to help. My small donation earlier just didn’t seem like enough. In this carving which I call “The Protector” the faces of small children are nestled snugly and safely in his beard and hair.

All proceeds from the sale of this carving will be donated to Doctors Without Borders and earmarked for Haiti.
Please feel free to share this link to the ebay listing.

The Protector
Closeup 1

Life can get so darned hectic! Lately I’ve been busy with a couple of projects, both cottonwood bark carvings, for donations.
The first one went to Maine Public Broadcasting for the Annual Auction to be held in April.

Bark Wood Spirit for MPBN Auction 2010

This year, after leading a class project on carving caricature bottle stoppers, I decided to carve a few for gifts. I’m happy to say they have been a hit!! Here are a couple of them”

Here are a couple more I did a while back. They were custom orders, caricatures of specific people.

Wishing all of my friends, family, clients and fans Happy Holidays and a Peaceful New Year

A few years back I was commissioned to do a carving of Athena…the
Palladium. This would be a trophy for a college football rivalry between Middle Tennessee and Troy State. Admittedly this was a stretch for me, but I welcomed the challenge. The alumni association representative who commissioned the carving has been wonderful, from time to time updating me with information and photos. What a nice feeling it is to be remembered like that! Today he informed me that ESPN2 will be televising the Middle Tennessee/Troy game Tuesday
October 6, 2009 (at 8 PM ET) and that when the game was on ESPN two years ago, there were lots of shots of the trophy. It’s not every day that one of my carvings is on national television! I’ll be watching!:)

"The Palladium"

I enjoy doing commission work and also like requests for work that is little out of the ordinary. I was recently asked to repair a nice little carving of a man fishing. The line is hooked on the back of his own jacket…very cute. This is an old carving and the hands had broken off, so he was also lacking the fishing pole and line. I carved and inserted new hands. The fishing pole is bamboo, steamed and bent to eliminate stress on the hands. Here he is all repaired.


She is finished, though not what I had in mind when I started this carving. That, however, isn’t unusual, especially with wood spirit carvings. I never start them with a concrete pattern or sketch.
Rather, I let them happen. Sometimes they can be a huge surprise!

πŸ™‚Sweet Violet

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. I started this female wood spirit for a new gallery I’ve made contact with. The plan was for her to be old, in celebration of wrinkles and wisdom. She refuses to be old. Maybe the message here is that there is wisdom in youth as well. I’ve decided to let her be what she wants to be.
I was looking at some African Violets in the studio and decided that violets might be a nice addition. So this younger wise woman will be “Sweet Violet”.

Sweet Violet