Wood Spirits

According to legend, Wood Spirits, the “keepers of the forests”, are elusive but will bring good fortune to those who are lucky enough to find them.  I make no such promises, but they certainly are nice to have around. Most are carved in cottonwood bark with driftwood a close second choice.

Prices vary according to degree of detail and size, which ranges from 7 or 8″ to 18 or even 24″ with prices from $95 to bout $175.  Of course I have carved many, many more wood spirits than those shown here, but this will give you and idea of how they can be personalized to reflect individual tastes and requests.

Tree Houses

Wood Spirits and those other forest critters have to live somewhere!  With no specific plans in mind when I set out to carve them, these tree houses are always fun to do. Some even have tiny LED lights, giving them a lovely glow.

Lighted Tree Houses