This piece was commissioned by the North Quabbin Chamber of Commerce for a plaque to be presented to the Athol Savings Bank.  I didn’t have a whole lot of time to work on this, and the only wood I had that would fit was just horrible to work with…but it worked!

Finished with just an hour to spare!!!!  Whew!


asbfiinished no caption


Laying out the lettering.


It’s getting there.  Cleaning up a bit and adding detail.


Another section carved.  This wood is horrendous…splintering and chipping!  I have written “Do Not Carve” on the rest of the piece!!!


Here I have drawn out the carving and started one section.ASB 1


Fortunately I was able to get more detailed photos myself.  I can’t carve what I can’t see.


The first step is always reference material.  This was the original photo I had to work with.ASB ref pic