In response to the catastrophic damage done to people and property in Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey, I have decided to carve a wood spirit to be sold on ebay with 100% of the profits to be donated to Hurricane Harvey Relief. At this time I am leaning towards Rebuild Texas…stay tuned.
I hope you enjoy watching the progress on this piece. I hope to have it finished very soon

9-4-17 I wanted to incorporate some reference to the storm in the carving without it being “in-your-face” or negative. I have decided on the meteorological symbol for storm as part of the long mustache. It’s there but a subtle design element. I’m also thinking of a heart buried somewhere in the spirit’s hair to symbolize the love and caring that a disaster elicits…something we need to focus under even the best of circumstances.

9-6-17 The carving is finished and it has been oiled with Danish Oil. When the oil is dry I’ll apply several coats of paste wax then it will be posted on Ebay for auction. The title of this piece is “After the Storm: