3-27-12 I can now declare St. John finished 🙂

3-14-12 Here he is with the first coat of stain.

3-11-12 St. John is ready for stain! Here are a couple of pictures of him “au naturel”

2-13-12The details. They are time consuming, but they can make a huge difference in the outcome. St. John now has toes, and finger details. The eagle is finished. The back of his hair is finished. Tomorrow I’ll work on the pages of the book. He is shaping up!

1-12-12 I have been working on detailing the hands and the book. Next will be the finer details…pages on the book, wrinkles and nails on the hands.

11-25-11 Well, I was hoping to have St. John finished by Thanksgiving, but some things just don’t go as planned. I have made significant progress oh the overall form and am now working on the details. Getting there!

11-1-11 Today I decided to make a clay model of St. John’s head. I like clay models because they transpose my 2-dimensional sketches into 3-dimensional models that give me views from all sides.

11-1-11 This new computer and operating system have been great, but the learning curve on the graphics program has been something of a battle. I’m getting there, though.

I have been working on getting the folds where I want them, shaping the back, and getting the head to size.

Well, after a series of computer problems, I am back with a new iMac…a change from all my previous PC’s. Now, with lots of time spent on finding my way around this lovely machine and learning several new programs, I am back to CARVING and think I can manage to get a new photo posted. Thanks for your patience!!!

6-38-2011 -I have been working on the eagle’s foot detail for the last several days and now have it the way I want it. Now working on shaping the eagle so I can then work the drapery over and around the eagle.

6-7-2011 – Although I have not updated this for a while, I have been working on the St. John carving. I’ve changed the drapery a few times, finally settling on what looks more natural and realistic. Here are 3 views.

4-13-2011 – After carving some of the folds in his robe, I decided to make some changes. Now the major folds are placed and I’ll be adding some detail to make them look more natural

3-20-2011 – Changing the design set the time frame back a little, but I am much happier with it.

3-20-2011 – I have changed the design of the robes. Here is a photo of the new sketch

3-6-2011 – Still not looking like a whole lot, but getting there.

2-16-2011 – It’s starting to take shape now.

2-5-2011 – I decided to make a quick clay model. The three-dimensional model helps me “figure out” some of the proportions and details like folds. It’s not fancy but it works for me.

2-2-2011 – A little more progress

1-27-2011 – Getting started…first cuts. Roughing out the basic shape.

1-24-2011 – Time to get serious!! Here is the final sketch with views from two sides.

And here is the block with the sketch drawn on it. Now….time to CARVE!

I have changed the original sketch a little. To eliminate the potential for the eagle’s claws to break, I am putting the eagle up on a tree stump. I think this also adds to the composition.